A Football Novel

by Christopher D. Seifert

© 2009.  All Rights Reserved.

Red - Create Space Cover (Red Edition)

Two brothers, one team, and the greatest season ever told …

The Rocket Riders

A Space Opera in Three Parts

by Christopher D. Seifert

At the end of the universe lies the meaning of family …

When fifteen-year-old J.R. Rider’s father inherits an interstellar spaceship, J.R. and the rest of the Rider family set off on a race to become the first human beings to break the galactic barrier. Alone in the cosmos, the Riders join forces to confront hostile aliens, a band of robotic space pirates, and ultimately Commander McArthur J. Bowman, a rogue Space Corps officer out to steal their flight plan and their glory. Somewhere along their journey of discovery, J.R. uncovers the truth about the unthinkable sacrifice his father, Rudolph, made for the entire family, and Rudolph is reminded of exactly what it was that motivated that sacrifice in the first place.


The Story of a Girl, Her Father, and a Labor of Love

by Christopher D. Seifert

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.” (Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene II)

Current Projects and Future Books:

The Stone Keeper (Working Title)

by Michael J. Koberlein and Christopher D. Seifert

Space Corps Academy: A Rocket Rider Story

by Christopher D. Seifert

The journey of a 100,000 light years beings with a single class …

Rocket Riders Beyond

by Christopher D. Seifert

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