Two brothers,

One team,

And the greatest season ever told …


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The Rocket Riders

by Christopher D. Seifert

At the end of the universe lies the meaning of family …

As I seek an agent and publisher for The Rocket Riders,

learn more about their fantastic voyage!


by Christopher D. Seifert

With her father gone, stoic teen Hero Jean Taylor is convinced that she alone can track down an elusive killer, but when the gunman strikes again, Hero must reconnect with the only family she has left in order to stop the carnage before she becomes the next victim.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”  (Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene II)

I will soon be querying for Hero.

Read a brief excerpt.

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The Stone Keeper (Working Title)

by Michael J. Koberlein and Christopher D. Seifert

Space Corps Academy: A Rocket Rider Story

by Christopher D. Seifert

The journey of a 100,000 light years beings with a single class …

Rocket Riders Beyond

by Christopher D. Seifert

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