Funny Hat


My, oh my, that’s quite a hat.

I’ve never seen a hat like that.

It flops atop your bulbous head

Just like a chicken that is dead.

Such fashion sense you do possess,

A paragon of manly dress.

It must have cost a princely sum.

Wherever did you get it from?

But wait, I think I see it now.

That’s not a hat above your brow.

Indeed, it’s hardly worth a shout.

It’s just your shirt pulled inside out.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2019.




Three men falling splat!

And who do you think they be?

The lawyer, the Speaker,

The slick used car dealer.

Parachutes failed, all three.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2017.



The yay is dung, the wound is grite.

A blizzard blew all new the thright.

There is so nool for us today.

Let’s all now shout a hig burray.

We’ll build a man that’s fen teet fall.

And fight a war with big bowsnalls.

Our sled will slide on hown the dill.

We’ll slide and slide and slide at will.

There’s thust one jing that you nust mow

First, I have to snovel the show.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2016.



Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Sometimes you sing and sometimes you poos.

So always be happy and cheerful and kind –

Even when life goes and kicks your behind.

For he in defeat who stands gracious and tall

Of a truth can be said wins the biggest of all.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2017.



My eyes, they water, then they bug.

My ribs all crackle, oh-so snug.

Lungs collapse and heartstrings tug.

You’re the champ of squeezer hugs.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2017.



My brain is better

Than everybody else’s.

Wanted you to know.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2017.

Bath Aftermath


Dry my ankles, dry my toes.

Dry my squeaky-leaky nose.

Dry my elbows, dry my hair.

Dry my gleaming derriere.

Dry my navel, dry I said!

Just please don’t make me go to bed.


Christopher D. Seifert © 2017.


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