A Football Novel

by Christopher D. Seifert

Red - Create Space Cover (Red Edition)

© 2009.  All Rights Reserved.

Two brothers, one team, and the greatest season ever told …

Teenage brothers Charlie and Robert Hall couldn’t be more different. Charlie is seventeen. He’s perpetually chipper, the loveable goofball – a hopeless optimist. Robert is fifteen going on fifty. He’s gruff, sarcastic, a hapless underachiever. Only a mutual passion for football – Red football – unites the brothers.

When Charlie angers school bully Justin Stankoski, the brothers find themselves targeted for revenge, and Robert must choose between loyalty to his brother and the safety of the sidelines.

Meanwhile, as Red football battles through a season of adversity in pursuit of the national title that so narrowly escaped it one year before, the brothers learn something about life, football, and what it means to be a true fan.

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