My Dad Won’t Beat Up Your Dad

My dad can beat up your dad.  Well, actually, I suppose that depends on how big your dad is.  Come to think of it, I can’t really imagine my dad beating up anybody.  He probably could.  Maybe.  He just wouldn’t want to.  He’s not that kind of dad.  But he’s pretty awesome all the same.

Dad doesn’t get a lot of attention for his awesomeness.  In fact, he’s sort of the Tim Duncan of dads – stoically, methodically, and quietly filling up the stat sheet to the tune of twenty points, fifteen rebounds, and two blocked shots a game while hardly anyone notices.  That’s right.  My dad is an unsung all-star.  (By the way, this sports analogy gone wrong is completely lost on my dad because he doesn’t care for sports.)

So, here are some things my dad brings to the table that may or may not show up on the stat sheet:

  • Dad can be surprisingly chipper in the morning. This is an excellent quality to have – just not one that impressed me very much when I was a teenager.
  • Dad knows how to laugh. Some of you who are familiar with him might be surprised by this, but I’m telling you one of the best Seifert family Christmas traditions is watching my dad watch the movie “Home Alone.”  He laughs so hard at the slapstick scenes he cries.  It’s fantastic.
  • Dad likes music. He doesn’t really sing or play an instrument.  He just appreciates music.  More and more I see the wisdom in that.  Music is worth appreciating.
  • Dad always, always, always does his duty. If my dad is tasked with something, you don’t have to wonder if it’ll get done.  You can count on it.
  • Dad is honest to a fault. A favorite family story is one my mother tells about the time Dad reprimanded her for accidentally bringing home a paperclip that wasn’t hers.  Classic Dad.
  • Dad went to work every day to a job he – I’m going to put words in his mouth here –didn’t like all that much. He did this so my siblings and I could have a roof over our heads and food in our mouths and so my mother could stay home with us.  This is a big deal.  Kids usually don’t get it.  I didn’t back then, but then one day you’re the provider, and you find out there’s nothing better than working hard so your own kids can be comfortable and have stuff.  That’s what my dad did for me.
  • Dad loves the stars, and I guarantee you my dad’s telescope is bigger than your dad’s telescope. I didn’t inherit Dad’s math/science brain, but I do think I inherited his sense of wonder.  The sky is big and bright and beautiful.
  • Even more than the stars, Dad loves Mom. As kids, we never had to question that.
  • Dad joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a young man despite opposition and the significant personal sacrifice it required. Then he took a break from school to earn money to put himself on a two-year, full-time church proselyting mission.  After serving an honorable mission, he came home and married my mother in The Holy Temple for time and all eternity.  Even a non-believer would be hard-pressed not to admire the courage of his convictions.  And if you are a believer, then you know that what my dad did was everything.  I have no doubt the Seifert line will sing praises to his name forever.
  • Speaking of The Holy Temple, that’s where you’ll find my dad – along with my mother – every Saturday night, selflessly serving and seeking communion with our Heavenly Father.  Dad’s been doing that for years.  I don’t think there’s any place he’d rather be.

In the end, regardless of whether he can beat up yours, my dad’s a pretty great guy.  He’s just not going to tell you about it.  That’s why I just did.


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