2021 Ho!

Whew!  The year 2020 is in the books, and we’re all glad it’s over.  Right?  Right?!?

Well, don’t look now, but here comes 2021.  And while we may be in for another wild ride, I also believe the future is whatever we make it.  With that sentiment in mind, here are my personal goals for 2021 – because I figure if you have goals, write them down.  Better yet, publish them to the internet:

Intellectual Goal

This is the year I will finish a complete draft of my sci-fi action-adventure novel titled Space Corps Academy, which might just be my longest, most ambitious project to date.  It’s been a while since I touched the thing, but I’m ready to go back.  For me, the writing process takes a lot of effort and a lot more time.  In fact, the thought recently occurred to me that if I do ever make it as a published author, I’ll probably be bringing in a whopping thirty cents an hour, but what the heck.

Physical Goal

I’m out to shed the COVID fifteen.  We’ve all become more sedentary this past year.  That, and we’ve needed comfort food.  Lots of it.  Even though I’ve tried to watch my steps and take at least one walk around the neighborhood every day, I admit I’ve packed on a few.  I’ve never been big on diets or exercise, but this year I’ll eat less and burn more.

Spiritual Goal

My plan is to find a quiet place to be alone every night and then pray out loud.  There are things I need to say to my Father in Heaven.  There are petitions to make, and I have come to realize that my prayers are more effective if I force the words across my lips as opposed to rolling them haphazardly through my mind.  I will pray for specific individuals by name.  There is power in that, and there are so many people who need the prayers.  More than a few of them are people I don’t know how to help but wish I did.  Others don’t want my help, but they can’t stop me from praying for them.  And I will.

Social Goal

I lack many skills.  I’m not handy with a tool belt.  I’m not mechanically inclined.  I’m not blessed with the gift of gab.  I do hope, however, that I can put the talents I have been given to good use.  In 2021, I will write a minimum of one letter of appreciation per month.  That letter could go to a long-distance friend.  I might send something to a favorite author or artist.  Perhaps a family member or neighbor will receive a note.  Words can absolutely uplift and edify.

So, no matter what 2021 throws at us, let’s do everything we can to make this the best year we’ve had since the last best year we had.  You in?

Chris lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, Sara, and their six children.  He has a B.A. in communications (print journalism) from Brigham Young University and a J.D. from the University of Nebraska College of Law.  Chris enjoys music by The Piano Guys, flying kites, and pumpkin pie.  Chris is the author of Red: A Football Novel.


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